How To Make Time To Read

When I am doing anything, I will mostly likely have a book in my hand, or at least very close by.  The reaction I get to this most of the time is that people love that I read so much and wish they could read as much as I did.  When I ask why they don’t they always tell me that they don’t have time.  I understand that everyone’s schedule is different and we all have responsibilities or other ways we spend our free time, but if you are someone who enjoys books and really wants to read, then you should!  Here are some tips that I thought of to get you started.

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This might be a little hard for those that are super busy, but I find that even if you set about 40 minutes a day to get some reading done, it makes all the difference!


I personally can’t keep up with audiobooks, but I know its a great way to get through books!  Especially for people who drive a lot, or spend a lot of time on the go and very seldom have an opportunity to sit and read, listening to an audiobook is a great way to read your favorite books.


Joining in on a book club (or starting your own) is a great way to get you reading.  Not only are you reading with a group of people, but keeping up with the readings will keep you motivated to stay reading and participating in book club discussions.


This is a little less informal than a book club, but sometimes a small group of my friends read the same book at the same time and we all text and talk about it!  Even if you can just grab one friend who you know wants to read the same book as you, that is fine too! You will keep each other motivated to read and finish your book, plus you’ll want to meet up and talk about all the crazy things that happen in the book which is always so fun!


I just got a Goodreads account this year but it has been an amazing tool for keeping up with my reading.  I make sure what I am reading is on my “Currently Reading” bookshelf and as I read, I always put down what page I am on.  Goodreads displays how far along I am in the book and I thought this would be very daunting and discourage me from reading, but it hasn’t!  It’s been keeping me accountable and it helps me make sure i finish my books!  This year I DNF’d way less books than I did last year and I think using Goodreads is a huge part of that.


A great reading spot is key!  If you’re uncomfortable or not able to concentrate, it’ll be hard to do anything ,yet alone read.  I personally don’t mind reading on my bed, but I know a lot of people who don’t like to read in their bedroom.  So switch things up!  Find a local coffee shop, a library, bookstore, park bench, etc.  I also find getting out of your house to read is very effective.  You’ll be surprised how much reading you get through once you find a place that is comfortable for you.


Trying to keep up with trends or genres you don’t like will discourage you from reading all together.  I am all about going out of your comfort zone but if you are just reading books for the sake of saying you read something with a lot of hype, you won’t have any fun!  It’s always quality over quantity. Reading is supposed to be enjoyable, so have fun with it!


What other tips do you have for people who don’t think they have time to read? let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Oh, every now and then i come across people who are like “i’d love to read books, but i just don’t enjoy them”… it’s like someone is forcing them to read bad books or something 😀

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